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LFR 可以根据参数配置生成比较理想的数据集。

A. Lancichinetti, S.Fortunato, F. Radicchi, Benchmark graphsfor testing community detection algorithms, Phys. Rev. E 78 (2008) 046110.
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N and E are the number of nodes and links. 〈k〉 and 〈d〉 are the average degree and the average distance, respectively. C and r are the average clustering coefficient and the assortative coefficient. H is the degree heterogeneity. βc is the epidemic threshold of the SIR model.

N 500
E 3527
<k> 14.108
<d> 2.7805
<C> 0.4732
r -0.3073
H 2.0713
beta_c 0.0354
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