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Books about US politics(美国政治书籍网络).gml

A network of books about US politics published around the time of the 2004 presidential election and sold by the online bookseller Edges between books represent frequent copurchasing of books by the same buyers. The network was compiled by V. Krebs and is unpublished, but can found on Krebs' web site. Thanks to Valdis Krebs for permission to post these data on this web site. Neural network: A directed, weighted network representing the neural network of C. Elegans. Data compiled by D. Watts and S. Strogatz and made available on the web here.

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  1. Watts D J, Strogatz S H. Collective dynamics of ‘small-world’ networks[J]. nature, 1998, 393(6684): 440-442.

Original experimental data taken from J. G. White, E. Southgate, J. N. Thompson, and S. Brenner, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. London 314, 1-340 (1986).

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N and E are the number of nodes and links. 〈k〉 and 〈d〉 are the average degree and the average distance, respectively. C and r are the average clustering coefficient and the assortative coefficient. H is the degree heterogeneity. βc is the epidemic threshold of the SIR model.

N 105
E 441
<k> 8.4
<d> 3.0788
<C> 0.4875
r -0.1279
H 0.328
beta_c 0.0915
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