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A network of coauthorships between 379 scientists


The original dataset contains 1589 nodes and 2742 edges. This dataset is the largest connected subgraph, which contains 379 nodes and 914 edges, mainly represents coauthorships between 379 scientists whose research centers on the properties of networks of one kind or another. Vertex diameters indicate the community centrality and the ten vertices with highest centralities are highlighted. For those readers curious about the identities of the vertices, an annotated version of this figure, names and all, can be found at

Reference: M. E. J. Newman, “Finding community structure in networks using the eigenvectors of matrices,” Phys. Rev. E, vol. 74, no. 3, p. 036104, Sep. 2006.
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N and E are the number of nodes and links. 〈k〉 and 〈d〉 are the average degree and the average distance, respectively. C and r are the average clustering coefficient and the assortative coefficient. H is the degree heterogeneity. βc is the epidemic threshold of the SIR model.

N 379
E 914
<k> 4.8232
<d> 6.0419
r -0.0817
H 0.0169
beta_c 0.1424
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